Fox Rings – Sly Silver and Gold

Suddenly, and without warning, I am all about foxes. Specifically, red foxes. Even more specifically, the “Vulpes Vulpes” in Latin. Now, we don’t need to know the Latin…but when a name is THAT cute and funny, I think we should at least give it a nod of the head. So, nodding to “Vulpes Vulpes” and the crazy Latin language (of which all of our language is derived, or something, blah blah) we move along!

I guess I know why I suddenly love foxes. I saw one. Well, two. And they were super sweet and reminded me of friendly dogs. Of course, we don’t call them “sly” for no reason, and I could tell that they had a bit of dangerous around them…so I didn’t go try to pet them. (I’m not THAT dumb.)

Anyway, the point is that fox’s are amazing and impressive and I want us to all love them. And, I think that a fun, dare I say…whimsical, way of embracing the fox is by wearing them with your jewelry. And on Ring O Blog, what do you think we might focus on? …Fox rings! Yup. You’re a genius, and I have great taste…so let’s get going.

Fox Rings

fox rings

Silver Fox Ring

    • The Running Fox Ring in Sterling Silver with Diamonds
    • From: The Etsy shop SuEnvy or Su Envy.
    • About: This isn’t just a sterling silver fox ring. No. It has diamonds! They are genuine white diamonds that are G-H color, faceted round and 1.25mm in size. These tiny fox diamond eyes sparkle from every angle. It truly elevates this ring to a new level of cool and chic. I absolutely adore this ring and would wear it in a heartbeat.
    • Note: This fox ring is also available in 14k yellow gold.
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    • Get this ring: Click this link to purchase!
silver fox ring

Silver Fox Ring

  • Tiny Fox Face Ring
  • From: The Etsy shop FoxintheBox or Fox in the Box.
  • About: This fox ring can be customized to your preferences. That’s right. You pick the finish. Maybe you want solid sterling silver, or maybe you like warmer colors and want 14k gold vermeil for your fox. Both are wonderful. The fox face here looks incredibly stylish.
  • Note: Made in Greece! Exotic and amazing.
  • Tags: fox rings, fox rings jewelry, fox jewelry, silver fox ring
  • Get the Ring: Click this link to purchase!
fox rings

Two adjustable fox rings in both silver and gold.

  • Adjustable Silver Fox Ring and Gold Fox Ring
  • From: The Etsy shop Silverholic.
  • About: Talk about affordable, each of these rings are $10.00! Now, does that mean the gold isn’t exactly 14k? Well, of course. But maybe a fox ring is something you just want to play with for a while, not something you plan to wear every day and pass on like a heirloom. And we all need fun rings, ways to accessorize and have fun with our jewelry! This is why I encourage you guys to look to rings that are FUN, especially animal rings. And these rings fit the bill perfectly.
  • Tags: gold fox ring, fox ring jewelry, animal rings
  • Get the ring: Click this link to purchase!


fox rings

Fox Ring

  •  Wrap Fox Ring
  • From: The Etsy shop WeldedHeart or Welded heart.
  • About:  You love adorable and cute things, and that’s okay. Plus, who can resist such an adorable fox face like this one? I adore it to tiny pieces, and then I adore those little pieces. That’s just how I roll! Listen, I’m just going to let this ring seduce you itself, you don’t need to hear from me no mo’!
  • Notes: Made in Denver, Colorado. The materials are from the USA.
  • Tags: fox rings, fox rings jewelry, fox jewelry, silver fox ring
  • Get the ring: Click this link to purchase!

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