Five Fabulous and Affordable David Yurman Inspired Rings

The David Yurman brand began with a strong basis on the cable design for bracelets and rings. You can often find David Yurman rings on the pages of the top fashion magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Celebrities often sport David Yurman rings.

By looking for similar elements of actual David Yurman rings you can find affordable David Yurman rings at the price right for you. To do this, we start by looking at some different David Yurman inspired rings. We’ll be looking for a strong emphasis on silver and gold, with a twisted cable design and a bright gemstone. Price wise, you can go as low as $10 or up to $100+. These are not made just to be replicas, sometimes it’s just a similar style, or made with cheaper materials to give you the look you want but can’t find affordable otherwise. Don’t use the dreaded “knock off” term, that’s not what these are.

We’ve got peridot rings, garnet rings, and blue topaz rings. Sparkly, sparkly! Think: BOLD. Bold lines, colors, bold, bold and more bold!

David Yurman Inspired Peridot Ring: Click Here

David Yurman Inspired Rhodium Ep 2 Ct Diamond Simulated Ring – Sz 7 : Click Here

David Yurman Inspired Red Garnet Ring: Click Here

Cable Confetti Ring with 14k yellow gold and sterling silver: Click Here

David Yurman Inspired Blue Topaz Ring: Click Here

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