5 Pink Amethyst Rose Gold Rings with Beauty

Pink Amethyst rings with rose gold work as excellent engagement rings, but they work for any occasion. Here is a collection of cocktail rings made of pink amethyst and rose gold. They pair well with diamonds, pink sapphires, anything! So let’s take a look at what’s haute.

Pink Amethyst Rose Gold Rings

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14k Rose Gold Pink Amethyst and Diamond Ring – 13.18 carat Pink Amethyst gemstone with 16 full cut Diamonds total .08 ctw, .04 ctw Amethyst on the side band. This ring weighs approx 9.4 grams and measures just over 3/4″ by just over 5/8″. (Heavenly Treasures, here)

14k Rose Gold Pink Amethyst, Sapphires And Diamond Ring – Wanna do some math? Get out a calculator. There are 40 Round Brilliant Diamonds and 100 Round Pink Sapphires! This is probably one of the coolest cocktail rings I’ve seen in a long time. It’s got pizazz! (Swiss Watch Expo, here)

Pink Amethyst Diamond Ring – “This 14kt rose gold diamond ring is designed like the eye of a tiger.” It’s exotic looking, that’s why I was attracted to it. There are 34 diamonds and one pink amethyst. (Jewels Obsession, here)

1.25ct Pink Amethyst & White Diamond Cocktail 14k Rose Gold Ring – This cushion cut amethyst has excellent polish. (Amazon, here)

Elegant 2.55ct Oval Light Pink Amethyst Cocktail Ring 14k Rose Gold – Bell Jewels makes this pink amethyst ring. White diamonds surround the gem. This glamorous cocktail ring is just so feminine and pretty, you could wear it every day in the spring. (Amazon, here)

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