14k Gold Chalcedony Ring with White Sapphires

First impressions: The light blue color is what made me pick this ring over the ones like it. It’s just so pretty – I like that the color is so delicate yet the ring is so strong!
The ring is made of: White Sapphires surround a cabochon center,14kt gold, Chalcedony
Available size(s): 5-10
Your desired details: Weighs approx 12.6 grams.
Celebrity inspiration: Ashley Judd
Price and Where to Buy: $795.00 at heavenlytreasures

Okay, so the inspiration for this post was because after posting about this Chalcedony ring I decided I need to find another Chalcedony ring to see if they were all that gorgeous! I still like my first pick best, but this one is pretty great, too.

14k Gold Chalcedony Ring.jpeg

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