60’s Rings for fans of Mad Men, Pan Am and The Playboy Club

These vintage rings are 60’s inspired rings. Think 60’s rings aren’t your style? You might be surprised at the range they have. With so many 60’s era shows on TV right now (Mad Men, Pan Am, The Playboy Club) it seems like a good time to highlight 60’s rings on this jewelry blog.

Lucite rings were popular in the 60’s, and that’s why we’re showing a chunky lucite like ring from Angie Gooderham.

Aside from colorful lucite rings, 60’s Cocktail rings with bold baubles were very popular at the time.

Naturally, we are featuring a House of Harlow ring. They do lots of 60’s inspired jewelry.

I hope you get inspired!

60’s Rings

Clockwise from top left

Angie Gooderham ’60s Chunky Ring from ASOS, here

House of Harlow Art Deco Ring w/ Moonstone in Gold/Black/Coral at Revolve Clothing, here

Layer Cake Red Rhinestone Ring, Repurposed Vintage Earring from Prettied on Etsy, here

60’s Black and White Lucite Ring from Go Antiques, here


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