5 Unique Amethyst Rings – Handmade Rings for Women

Unique Amethyst Rings are just what the mystical jewelry doctor has ordered for today, don’t you think? It’s always nice to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. That’s how I discovered that I love creme brule!

Our first amethyst ring has a Victorian style and looks like a blooming rose. This is a handmade ring, and the rose was indeed hand carved. Can you imagine all the time that took? (Natural amethyst.)

Taking a note from the royals, this amethyst ring has a regal look to it. (Lab-grown amethyst.)

Smell the flowers? Sure, why not! This floral ring might not have any scent, but it’s so beautiful you’d think it would.

Coming up as a truly unique amethyst ring is another handmade option. The designers say this oval amethyst can be used as an unique engagement ring. Well, okay! I don’t know if I love amethyst that much, but if it was my birth stone I might feel differently.

It’s all about the PRONGS for this final ring pick in the middle of the collage. The prongs that hold the amethyst are bejeweled with diamonds. (Untreated Natural Amethyst)

Unique Amethyst Rings

Rose Gold and Amethyst Rose Ring
Wexford Jewelers on Etsy, HERE

Modern Antique 18K Pink Gold Marquise and 1.0 CT Round African Amethyst Solitaire Ring
Art Masters on Etsy, HERE

Classic 18K Pink Gold 1.0 Carat Amethyst Diamond 2011 Trend Engagement Ring
Art Masters on Etsy, HERE

Deep Purple Amethyst and Diamond 14K Rose Gold Cross and Leaf Patterned Engagement Ring with Matching Wedding Band
AdziasJewelryAtelier on Etsy, HERE

One of a kind Amethyst Ring with Diamonds
Sho Gold Jewelry on Etsy, HERE

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