Spotlight on Rosa Maria Rings (Handcrafted in Beirut, I Want All of Them!)

Rosa Maria Jewelry.jpg

This ring by Rosa Maria Jewelry looks a little gothic, and a little mystical. All of the Rosa Maria Jewelry featured in this post (including this ruby ring) is handmade in Beirut. (More details: Silver and Ruby Ring) If you’re looking for a silver and ruby ring that’s a bit more classic I suggest this ruby ring that I suspect Anne Hathaway would favor.

Wire Ring.jpg

This ring is made of matte silver and wire that has been wound around the silver band. (More details: Matte Silver and Wire Ring) Make sure to check out the other wire rings that we’ve posted on RingOBlog. I’m especially fond of this particular over-the-top wire ring.


If you’re looking for designer rings that really look the part, I recommend this one. The face of the ring is silver, but it’s outlined with tiny inset diamonds. (More Details: Diamond Ring)


This sterling silver ring is unique for its use of oxidized silver, mixed with the sterling. Once again, the stone is not a stone at all, but the silver. This is a very fun ring. (More Details: Sterling Silver Ring)

Silver and Diamond Ring).jpg

To round up this post, there’s this silver and diamond ring. The sterling silver band is inset with tiny diamonds. I’m not entirely sold on this ring, but the picture may not be doing it justice, as it looks more white than silver. (More Details: Silver and Diamond Ring)

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