Suggestive Sexy Jewelry: Scandalous!

The concept behind these pieces of jewelry is all … sexy! These pieces are suggestive and sensual. We’re not sure we’d wear any of them, but at least these three are SFW (safe for work) to view. We didn’t pick anything too “out there.” Sometimes the beauty is in simplicity, after all.

Suspicion Sterling Marcasite & Garnet Orchid Flower Ring
$84.00 From QVC, Link
Concept: A woman’s nether region, and even her special spot seems to be inadvertently highlighted here by the placement of the garnet. Famous painter Georgia O’Keffe knew all too well that flowers tend to look like a woman’s parts. We feel bad for anyone who buys this ring unironically, not realizing what it really looks like.

I4kt and Sterling Calla Lily pendant
Again, you KNOW what this is suggestive of. So I won’t say it.
$199.00 Handmade by Laura Roberson from Etsy, Link

Sterling silver fingernail ring: hand shaped, playful and sensual.
$119.27 Handmade by Inofa on Etsy, Link
Concept: “This knotwork fingernail ring is beautiful and strong. It is made for decoration and play but is not so sharp as to cut, rather a sensual scratching and teasing. We love theseā€¦” Whoa.

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