5 Awesome Nerd Rings

It’s never embarrassing to declare that you are a nerd (or a geek) so do it loudly and proudly with one of these five choice nerd rings!

Inside we’ve got a cute robot, a hoot of an owl, some fun for design snobs, and even something worthy of a superhero – super heroine, that is.

Nerd Rings

Typographic kern acrylic ring set
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Handmade by Jen Murse on Plastique from Etsy, Link

Spec-ulative Species Ring
Currently Sold Out, but Pray they Re-Stock this Unique Owl Ring!
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From ModCloth, Link

Robot Ring- Adjustable Ring with a Pink Retro Robot Fabric Covered Button- We Heart Robots
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Handmade from Melissa Abram on Etsy, Link

You’re My Heroine Superhero Comic Ring
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From ModCloth, Link

Grand Enter-ance Typewriter Ring
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From Modcloth, Link

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