5 Fun Rings – From Scrabble Tiles to Bauble Bling!

I’ve received a necklace from Manic Trout once, and that name really stays with you since it’s so unique. So when I saw a link to the shop today, a gong of recognition hit me. When I went to check out their jewelry and ring collections, one word surface: fun. Everything is so fun, whether you’ve got a big bauble that’s wire wrapped, or you’ve got a big yellow dice that’s been set to wear. Here are my favorite picks for fun rings from the shop.

Fun Rings from Manic Trout

  1. Ivana Zsa Zsa Bling Ring Silver, CLICK
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  2. Mirage Tumbling Dice Ring, CLICK
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  3. Scrabble Dice Ring, CLICK
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  4. Baroness Button Ring, CLICK
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  5. Trista Soul Burst Ring, CLICK

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