5 Carnelian Rings for Women – Vintage Inspired Rings

We have a whole crop of vintage inspired rings made with Carnelian stones!

Carnelian Rings for Women

Clockwise from top right


Sku Carnelian Ring – This carnelian ring for women is a find in the section of rings under 100 dollars! I think it’s breathtaking, it’s very special. The red stone is set with four silver prongs set to look like leaves. The ring band has a beaded and braided embellishment. This reminds me of the show The Tudors. It might not be the style of jewelry that people worn back then, but it gives me that same feeling. (Max and Chloe, here)


Lucky Brand Caged Carnelian Stone Ring –  This is a vintage inspired ring. This is a find for rings under 50! (Zappos, here)

House of Harlow 1960 Carnelian Ring – This dome ring is made with 14kt Yellow Gold Plating. (Singer 22, here)

Dream Mullick Carnelian Crown of Light Ring – This Carnelian ring is called the “Crown of Light” and it visually has a crown look, which is a bit cheeky and fun. The “crown” prongs of silver also work to secure the stone. The round carnelian stone for this ring is a rich reddish brown and faceted. This is in our rings under 200 dollars finds. (Max and Chloe, here)

Lucky Brand Carnelian Stone Ring – Looking like a rose, this faceted carnelian stone ring has a nest of silver leaf shaped elements that surround the “bud.” The silver is antiqued, and it gives a vintage inspired vibe. We love vintage inspired rings. And we also love rings under 20 dollars! (Lucky Brand, here)


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