The Best Lily Rings

lily ringsI love lilies because of their unique shape amongst all over flowers. There are tons of different types of lilies – most share a similarity in having six large petals. Popular lily flowers you may have heard of are the Tiger Lily, Stargazer Lily, Lily of the Valley, and Carolina Lily. There is also the Calla Lily which is very popular, although does not have six flower petals and is different than other lilies. If you can believe it, the official name for a Calla Lily is “Zantedeschia”. Yea, I SO cannot pronounce that. Either way, a Calla Lily symbolizes rebirth, and a Lily symbolizes purity. The meanings are similar even if the look of these two types of lilies are different.

Gordon’s Jewelers Cultured Freshwater Pearl Calla Lily Ring in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold with Diamond Accents

SALE – Large 18k Rose Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Lily Ring

Sterling Silver Lily Ring

Just Peachy Lily Ring

Beautiful Flower Sterling Silver Ring

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