Rings Under 50 – Enamel Flowers to Wear This Spring

When I think about my favorite sort of flower rings, enamel jumps out as the leading contender. There’s something about the vibrancy of the colors with enamel, I guess. I know they won’t break easily, but they also don’t have to be super expensive. To prove my point, I’ve found five enamel flower rings under $50.00.

The first and last ring selections in the bunch are dome rings, which have a great graphic appeal to them. I also want to point out the fourth selection, by Nine West, which has an adjustable ring band.

I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite here, but for my personal preferences the first ringĀ  and the fifth ring are really calling to me. I like the gold graphics, and the dome shapes. The colors on the first ring choice remind me a bit of a couch pattern my Grandparent’s had, and the fifth ring choice reminds me of the colors of this dress my Mom had sewn in the 70’s. (Which, ironically, had daisies on it.)

Well, that’s just my opinion. You might like the large flower with a pearl at the center, or the blue, bejeweled option.

Rings Under $50 – Enamel Flowers

Sterling Silver Rose Gold Enamel Flower Ring
Amazon.com, HERE

Sale Rings! Isharya Clustered Enamel Flower Ring
$35.00 Sale Ring
Last Call, HERE

Giant Turquoise Enamel Flower Ring with Faux Pearl
Bonanza, HERE

Nine West Flower Ring
Nine West, HERE

Sterling Silver Vermeil Pastel Enamel Flower Ring
Amazon.com, HERE

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