5 Vintage Inspired Rings: Cameo, Floral, Bold…

At first I thought this post on vintage inspired rings would be unique because all of the rings would have an oval shape in common, but that’s before I saw the 60’s flower piece with a definite (wide) round shape. And yes, oval is very different than round! Anyway, while you’re appreciating the smooth curved sides of the rings (at least they all have that) you can also appreciate that these are almost all around or under the $50.00 mark if I’m not too mistaken. (I just doublechecked, you’re good!)

Whether you’re in a bold mood or a romantic one, there’s a vintage style ring in the mix for you. After all, we always look to the past to determine our future. And fashion is no different, we always pull from past designs, trends and concepts to help conceive of new, cool things. But sometimes, no alterations are necessary. For instance, mood rings have always been chic!

Vintage Inspired Rings, Clockwise from top right

Vintage 66 Sarah Ring (Adjustable!) from Max and Chloe, HERE

Diament Jewelry for Urban Renewal Vintage Resin Ring from Urban Outfitters, HERE

Frolick Portrait Cameo Ring in Pink from Max and Chloe, HERE

Pieces Lovely Vintage Ring with Flowers from ASOS, HERE

14K Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver Ring from Ice.com, HERE

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