5 Turquoise and Pearl Rings with Antique Appeal

Turquoise with pearl is an interesting combination of vibrancy and a softer sort of vibe. But it seems to be a callback to older times, as many people are searching for antique turquoise and pearl rings. While our first ring (clockwise from left) isn’t antique, it certainly looks aged and as though you could find it in the back of your Grandmother’s jewelry box. (If you’re lucky enough to gain access!)

If Art Deco rings are more your style, check out the Elizabeth Showers stacking rings we’ve got for you. But if tiny stacking rings are not up your alley, what about a cocktail ring with flair? The ring from Macy’s features a turquoise center with pearls that ring around it, making it look like a flower.

For exotic rings fans we have a Bali inspired ring that reminds me of Yin/Yang. But we finish up our tour of turquoise and pearl rings with an out and out flower shaped ring that’s under $5.00!

Turquoise and Pearl Rings

Vintage style Arlene Abelow Rings – Turquoise and Seed Pearl Ring from Roseark, HERE

Elizabeth Showers Art Deco Stacking Rings from Max and Chloe, HERE

Sale Rings – Flower Rings – 4k Gold Ring, Cultured Freshwater Pearl (3-3-1/2 mm) and Turquoise (1-1/5 mm) from Macy’s, HERE

Bali Rings – Exotic Rings – Sterling Silver Mother-of-Pearl & Turquoise Bali Bypass Ring from Kohl’s, HERE

Adjustable Rings – Mixit® Turquoise Pearl Flower Ring from JCPenney, HERE

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