Five Best Sushi Rings!

Okay, I’m going to give you a rundown of five comical sushi rings! There’s a sushi ring “for the vixen about town” from Venus Fly Trap Jewels. These rings are double varnished to ensure durability, although I wouldn’t shower with the ring on! The next sushi ring is the Maki and Ebi lovely Sushi Ring by Bead Passion. It’s made of polymer clay. The sushi featured is tuna maki, futo maki, california rolls, ikura and ebi. There is also lemon and wasabi, a carrot slice, rolled hamachi and a sakura leaf. Then there’s the Sushi for Dinner Adjustable Ring by Little Angel Jewelry. A tentacle ring is made from real octopus tentacle cast. And finally, a Sushi Ring with rice, salmon and avocado. The ring band is adjustable.

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