Spotlight on Carolyn Rodney Jewelry! Inspired by Exotic India and Math?!

British born design Carolyn Rodney creates wonderful jewelry, as well as bespoke home furnishings and hand embroidered scarves. Celebrities who are fans of Carolyn Rodney include Tyra Banks, Kate Moss and Charlize Theron.

Her point of view as a designer is strong, and her taste level is high. Drawing inspiration by exotic, traditional Indian jewelry, vintage style and metaphysics her jewelry is truly unique. Rodney has said that she chooses the colors, numbers and symbols in her jewelry very specifically, with meaning. The math and science behind the patterns in her jewelry is evident even to a casual observer. A casual observer will also notice that these pieces are embellished and bedazzled with fine gemstones that pop in color. There are vibrant rubies and sparkling diamonds everywhere – it’s very bling!

Carolyn Rodney Jewelry

Carolyn Rodney – Flying Saucer Ring with Rubies, Pink Sapphires, and Diamonds from Roseark, HERE

Carolyn Rodney – Flying Saucer Diamond Button Earrings in 18k White Gold from Roseark, HERE

Modern Rings – Black Sapphire Ring, HERE

Carolyn Rodney – Flying Saucer Ruby Pink Sapphire and Diamond Large Pendant Necklace from Roseark, HERE

Carolyn Rodney – Flying Saucer Diamond Small Pendant Necklace, HERE

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