5 Ring Pieces that are on Trend from Beyond Rings Jewelry

The first time you see a ring by Beyond Rings, you’ll fall in heavy, heavy love. Why? Because they make fashion and style fun, not serious or boring. If I want boring, I’ll wear no jewelry at all! But when it’s time to accessorize, it’s nice to have something special. Ergo, Beyond Rings. This designer label makes rings, if you hadn’t guessed that by now. They specialize in two finger rings, rocker cocktail rings, and large bejeweled statement rings.

I start you off with a two finger ring made with gunmetal. That might sound harsh, but it’s got pink crystals! It’s totally trendy. And I hope you’re not shy of being on trend, because next we have a round rocker ring with some serious heft to its spiked look. This ring has matte goldtone to thank for its mysterious glowing luster. And it comes with your choice of a bright coral, a bold turqouise or an eerie Howlite (kind of like a white/pink.)

I don’t know a ton about Justin Bieber or Justin Bieber rings, but I’m pretty sure that “Never Say Never” is one of his phrases or lyrics or something. And that phrase is on this two finger ring from Beyond Rings. And there is also one that says “I Love You” which could be meant for the Biebs, or anyone else.

If you’re looking for exotic animal rings, check out this tiger by Beyond Rings. This is a super large ring that will be an inch off of your finger when you wear it. Black enamel works as spots! And for the eyes there are green crystals. I’m just not entirely sure why this is called a Tiger Ring, when tigers have stripes. It is more accurate to call this a leopard ring! Those are the ones with spots!

Beyond Rings Jewelry – 5 Ring Pieces available on Max and Chloe

Clockwise from top right

Beyond Rings Oxidized Gunmetal Two-Finger Ring, here

Beyond Rings Matte Goldtone Round Rocker Ring, here

Beyond Rings Never Say Never Two-Finger Ring, here

Beyond Rings I Love You Two Finger Ring, here

Beyond Rings Silvertone Tiger Safari Ring, here

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