Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings with Diamonds: Antique to Modern

We have five yellow sapphire engagement rings with diamonds (of course!) for you to peruse. Two are antiques (the second and the last). The third one is actually a wedding band set – the engagement ring and wedding band come together. I think my favorite is the first ring, though, because it’s so romantic with the curved design. (After I put together this post I found this awesome split shank ring here, which is now my new favorite yellow sapphire ring.)

What do you think of the fourth ring? It looks modern to me with the geometric lines, but it still holds a classic shape.

Now, one of the main things to consider in picking the right yellow sapphire engagement ring is the color of the sapphire. Here’s a helpful guide:

Five Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings with Diamonds:

18k split shank Chatham 5.5mm princess cut color number two yellow sapphire engagement ring, sale price $1,905.74 : Here

Antique Engagement ring with round Yellow sapphire and diamonds 14k white gold, price $1,167.02 from Etsy : Here (This is a one of a kind. You can find a similar one Here.)

0.64 Cts Diamond & 1.29 Cts Yellow Sapphire Engagement-Wedding Ring Set in 14K White Gold-9, Price $1,644.50 : Here

A modern styled 18K created 7mm princess cut yellow sapphire engagement ring with diamonds, Sale PriceĀ  $2,065.58 Here

Antique Style Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring, Price $2,310.00 : Here

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