Wendy Brandes Rings – Designer Spotlight on this Creative Guru

Here at Ring O Blog we’ve been a fan of Wendy Brandes jewelry for a long time! And it’s time to do another designer spotlight piece on her work.  It’s all very high-quality, creative, and unique. We love when there are stories behind the design, or when Brandes has upcycled other jewelry into a new ring.

Cool Rings for Women

wendy brandes

An image of the beautiful Wendy Brandes wearing her own rings.

wendy brandes rings

Blue Topaz Ring – Fulvia Ring – Silver

koi rings

Queen Min Amethyst Ring – Koi Fish Engraving

Vampire Diana Ring – Gold (Related: Vampire Rings, Heart Rings)

wendy brandes rings

Hathor Swivel Ring in turquoise and carnelian

Heart Ring in Platinum with Satin Finish

Two Ring Emoticon Jewelry Heart Set

Upcycled Antique Ruby and Diamond Stacking Rings

Edburga Poison Ring – Blue Topaz Locket Ring that opens

Wendy Brandes wearing her own rings, find more on http://wendybrandes.com/blog/ & rings posted here can be purchased from Wendy Brandes Online Shop.

Wendy Brandes Rings – Gravity Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring (Related: Designer Engagement Rings) She does make custom engagement rings or custom rings in general. Don’t be afraid to ask her.

wendy brandes rings

Wendy Brandes Swear Rings

Siobhan ring – Stacking Rings

OMG WendyB Rings

wendy brandes rings

From left: my Agrippina ring, Borgia ring and Medici ring.

A custom Wendy Brandes Engagement Ring

All images copyright of Wendy Brandes.

The Ring O Blog Jewelry Blog Team

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