The Most Popular Jewelry from Sex and the City

Charlotte’s Engagement Ring.jpg

Charlotte’s Engagement Ring

Charlotte’s second engagement ring was a 5 carat diamond ring cut in an emerald shape. It was modeled after the ring given to Elizabeth Taylor but Richard Burton.

Carrie’s Pretzel Necklace.jpg

Carrie’s Pretzel Necklace

Who knew women wanted to wear snacks? Turns out, we do! We really, really do. Carrie Bradshaw’s pretzel necklace made people go crazy with obsession in tracking down lookalikes.

Samantha’s Flower Ring.jpeg

Samantha’s Flower Ring

In the Sex and the City movie, Samantha tries to buys the ring, but her boyfriend is a secret bidder on the phone and he buys it for her.

Carrie’s Horseshoe.gif

Carrie’s Horseshoe

Carrie Bradshaw wore her horseshoe as a necklace, but it works just as well as a ring. Hopefully it’ll bring you love in the romance department.

Charlotte’s Bow Necklace.jpg

Charlotte’s Bow Necklace

Sweet as Charlotte, this silver now necklace is precious.

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