The most gorgeous rose rings ever! | Jenny Sueyoun Kim designs

Wake up and smell the beauty! Okay guys, are you ready for the most beautiful rose rings you’ve ever seen? Because the bar is high! You’re ready? You are? And you’re sure? Super sure? And you just want me to get on with it? Heh. Well! Then it’s time to look at The Etsy shop JennyKim Because it is from that shop that artistic jewelry mistress, Jenny Kim, sells her hand-sculpted  original jewelry that is adorned with beautiful floral motifs.

It was just happenstance that caused me to fall upon this page. And I couldn’t have been more taken by the display of jewelry available. It’s perfect for the fairytale-lover in my heart.

rose rings

Jenny Kim does take custom orders, although she also gets booked up fast so let her know well in advance of when you need a piece.

rose rings

rose rings

You know what makes these rings unique? Their exquisite beauty. I seriously feel completely enamored by all of these designs. This is what I want to wear when I am transported into an episode of Once Upon a Time.

You can find more @

A little about Jenny Sueyoun Kim, as taken from her profile page:

Hello! I’m a metalsmith artist, originally from Los Angeles, and I have been living in the San Francisco Bay area for about 15 years.

I genuinely enjoy the entire casting process, but I love the sculpting part most of all, and therefore, I do not have any re-usable molds to copy the same piece multiple times – so, each piece is truly an original – every petal of each flower, every fine detail, is unique.

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