The 2 Biggest Marriage Proposal Mistakes to Avoid!

The 2 Biggest Marriage Proposal Mistakes? Oh man, you gotta read this because it’s common sense, if not a tiny bit less romantic than you’d hope. They are: Let her pick the ring, and make sure you HAVE a ring!

Image: Pacific Coast News

There’s an interesting bit from survey that says 1/3 of brides-to-be are not fans of those who propose without a ring. This survey was conducted by and Men’s Health. A total of 3,000 men and women were surveyed. They also learned that the biggest mistake, to men, is “blowing the secret ahead of time.”

Brides said they didn’t love their proposals because it wasn’t romantic, original, or personal enough. But they said they loved their rings. Could this be because 40 percent of brides revealed they went ring shopping with their future husband, or chose their own engagement ring?

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