Harry Winston Engagement Rings for Sale and the Celebrities who love Them

Women respond to the brand name of Harry Winston when it comes to jewels, this is just a fact. And we can’t change that fact! (Nor would we want to!) Harry Winston opened his first jewelry store in New York, back in the 30’s. Always representing a classic American spirit, you can often see Harry Winston jewelry on celebrities today.

Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Halle Berry all have worn Harry Winston for their big red carpet events. Now you can capture that glamor and wear it every day of your married life. And isn’t every day supposed to be big and exciting and a miracle? Well, that means it’s worth having such a wonderful engagement ring.

Harry Winston Engagement Rings We Love

harry winston engagement rings for sale

Here you have a cushion-cut colorless diamond surrounded by pave diamonds, all set in stunning platinum. “The One” Micrpoave ring by Harry Winston: Here

If you like tradition, you’ll love these classic engagement rings that have tapered baguette diamonds on either side of the center diamond.  Choose from a round, brilliant cut diamond or emerald cut: Here

When one is enough… These rings come in round brilliant, oval or emerald cuts. They are diamond solitaire engagement rings, created with platinum: Here

We find another platinum, classic Harry Winston ring here created with a round center stone and tapered baguette diamonds on each side: Here


This Harry Winston ring is called “Attraction” and features a round brilliant diamond: Here

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