Emily Maynard Engagement Ring 2012 from Jef Holm! Pictures!

Jef Holm proposed to Emily Maynard with a 3.5-carat sparkler by Neil Lane. The ring has a platinum band and a center emerald stone that is accented by 87 round-cut diamonds.

“As soon as Jef saw the ring, he knew it was the right one,” Neil Lane told People Magazine once the finale aired on ABC. “He really understood her style. She’s very sophisticated, very beautiful, elegant and classic and the emerald-cut diamond has those elements. She exudes grace and style, with an elegance that reminded me of high society of the 1920s when that stone was very fashionable.”

So if you are also very elegant and like old-fashioned style, you might like a similar ring to Emily Maynard’s 2012 engagement ring!

How much is the ring worth? Supposedly A whopping $68,000!

Images: ABC / Neil Lane

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