Top 5 Citrine and Diamond Engagement Rings

If you were lucky enough to be born in the crisp Autumn air, then you’re a November baby who has the birthstone of honey gold citrine. And if you were lucky enough to find love in this big ol’ crazy world (the world is crazy, you guys!) then you might want to consider a citrine engagement ring.

But what is an engagement ring without the additional of some diamond accents? So, this piece is about citrine and diamond engagement rings.

As usual, I’m only showing you guys rings that I think are actually pretty and worth your money. My two favorite rings here are the Dana Rebecca Lisa Michelle Designer Ring and the OGI Watercolors Lemon Citrine and Diamond Ring. (Both are kind of in the lower right of the ring collage.)

Citrine and Diamond Engagement Rings

Clockwise from top right

Brian Danielle Citrine & Diamond Ring
Obviously this is a beautiful ring. It’s made with 14k white gold and has .13ct of diamonds.
Price: $487.00
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Max and Chloe – Link to Purchase this pretty and traditional ring.

Dana Rebecca Lisa Michelle Citrine Ring
It’s stunning and sparkly and golden! I can’t think of a single way they could improve this ring design. It’s got the right ratio of diamonds to the size of the citrine stone.
Price: $1,540.00
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Max and Chloe – Link to Purchase this bold, blingy ring.

OGI Watercolors Lemon Citrine and Diamond Ring
Suddenly I wish I were in Italy (I’ve never been, gah) and could order a lemon sorbet. This ring would get the nickname “citrus” from me.
Sale Ring Price: $2,500.00
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Max and Chloe – Link to purchase this divine ring.

OGI Watercolors Citrine and Diamond Ring
The color brightens your outlook on life! Here’s the same ring in more of a honey citrine color.
Sale Ring Price: $2,450.00
Max and Chloe – Link to purchase this cheerful engagement ring.

10k Gold Citrine & Diamond Accent Ring
I will say, thought I like the ring once I realized it’s 10k and not 14k, I was pretty disheartened. There’s not a ton of point to buying a 10k gold anything. 14k or bust! My Mother has lectured me about this, 10k is never worth it. That said, this is a nice, classic ring design, at least. I’m just not sure it’ll stand the test of time and for an engagement ring – it should have a sturdier gold. What can I say, I won’t lie.
Sale Price: $167.99
Sears – Link to purchase this classic citrine ring.

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