Amazing Engagement Rings from 2012 and 2013 – Colored Diamonds, Sparkle, the works!

You want them big and sparkly, right?

Inside is a collection of six Kathleen Dughi engagement rings that will amaze you. They are handmade and use a variety of different gemstones. Many feature diamonds, but we also have yellow diamonds, pink tourmaline, and a green diamond.

If you’re looking for currently available designers to create you a stunning engagement ring for 2012 or 2013, this is absolutely someone you should look into during the ring shopping process.

6.92ct AGTA certified natural pink topaz with diamonds in platinum

Asscher Classique – 3.59ct asscher cut diamond ring with asscher cut side stones in platinum

2.23ct GIA certified intense fancy yellow diamond ring with tapered baguette diamonds in platinum and 18kt yellow gold

3.15ct emerald cut diamond ring with shield shaped diamonds in platinum

Colored Diamond rings – brilliant diamond and pear shape green and yellow diamonds in platinum

Adoration Engagement Ring – radiant cut diamond ring with trapezoid baguettes in platinum

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