5 Cool Alternative Engagement Rings – Unique Engagement Rings

Inside are 5 unique, alternative engagement rings that we love.

Not everyone wants a traditional engagement ring with a diamond and a classic ring setting. Whether you ditch the diamond or use it as an accent for another stone – we’ve got ideas for you. We have pearls, moonstones, onyx, interesting patterns and even a couple very modern, cheeky takes on the idea of an engagement ring.

Faceted Black onyx puzzle ring in sterling silver from the Etsy store Nelly Vansee, CLICK

alternative engagement rings

Rainbow Moonstone Ring by 2 Studio Jewelers from Amazon, CLICK

Etoile Cube Crystal Engagement Ring from Max and Chloe, CLICK

Alternative engagement ring from the Etsy shop Metalicious, CLICK (Cool Etsy Rings, Cool Rings for Women)

alternative engagement rings

Pearl Engagement rings – 1 Ct Diamond Pearl Ring Engagement Round Cut Channel Fashion 14k White Gold from Amazon, CLICK

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