5 Unique Amethyst Engagement Rings

According to research, people love amethyst rings! And people also love engagement rings. So, let’s marry the two ideas when it comes to be your big day for marrying, huh? There are some great amethyst engagement rings out there that have a bit of flair.

First up, a simple amethyst stone is set with sterling silver. You might not think it’s much of an engagement ring, but sometimes people don’t want a lot of fuss. And the price is right. Plus, using an amethyst stone instead of a diamond makes it unique. This Rebecca Florence ring is charming. Do you have your prince charming yet?

Another unique amethyst engagement ring we have for you to look at is also a simple piece of jewelry. It has the word “love” engraved on the 14k yellow gold ring band. That little bit of engraved detail makes it special.

Whatever ring you pick, it should reflect you, be something that is comfortable, and be something you adore.

Unique Amethyst Engagement Rings

Clockwise from top left

Rebecca Florence – Amethyst Hydrothermal Stone Ring from Forzieri, HERE

2 3/8 Carat Amethyst and Rhodolite 14K White Gold Ring from Ice, HERE

3 3/8 Carat Amethyst, Tanzanite & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring from Ice, HERE

M2 Design Amethyst Love Ring from Max and Chloe, HERE

Brian Danielle Amethyst & Diamond Ring from Max and Chloe, HERE

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