5 Pretty Recycled Silver Rings with Stones

Eco-friendly rings (or earth friendly rings) make you feel better about yourself when you’ve made that choice. After all, you feel better when you recycle, right? Well, it works with jewelry, too. So why not consider some recycled silver for your next jewelry piece? Today we’re taking a look at recycled silver rings with stones. When people say they want rings with stones, we’re not sure if they mean with gemstones, or if they specifically mean stones for engagement rings (diamonds, primarily.) Let us warn you why a recycled silver engagement ring isn’t a great idea…

It’s better to go for a recycled gold for an engagement or wedding ring, due to the durability of the metal.

Recycled Silver Rings with Stones

  1. Pebble Ring in Recycled Silver and Natural Gemstone (choose from amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, peridot or garnet) from Delias Thompson on Etsy, CLICK
  2. Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring, Handmade by Peaces of Indigo on Etsy, CLICK
  3. Peridot Recycled Sterling Silver Handmade Ring by Erin Jane Designs on Etsy, CLICK
  4. Blue Sapphire Wide Band Ring – Recycled Sterling Silver Modern Brushed Finish by Erin Jane Designs on Etsy, CLICK
  5. Moissanite and Recycled Sterling Silver Ring, Made To Order by McFarland Designs from Etsy, CLICK

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More recycled silver rings from Erin Jane Designs. As you can see, different finishes for the silver can alter the look, as will the type of gemstone you pick. All here are bezel set, except for the two stones we spy that have a burnished setting at the second ring (garnet – can’t miss it) down from the top.

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