Six Rings: Guess Which Cost the Most!

I’ve put together a list of six different rings. Two red rings, two yellow rings and two green rings. I was going to do a rainbow theme but I just picked three colors that I was feeling right now. Anyway, the rings are similar – except in price. The rings on the left side are all much less expensive rings than the rings on the right side.

comparision ring shopping

On the left side: Maura’s Emerald Cut Garnet CZ Ring is a nice square garnet ring, Malinda’s Chunky Yellow Flower Cuff Bangle is a pretty flower bracelet (totally thought this was a ring until right now!), and then we have the Emerald ring that was on HSN – but we won’t  hold that against it.

On the right side: Ruby and Platinum Ring, Yellow flower ring made of 24k gold, then the Emerald and diamond ring with a very cool square outline shape.

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