5 Handmade Citrine Rings I Love from Etsy

I’m a sucker for handmade anything – well, at least when it comes to jewelry and food. I probably wouldn’t be interested in a handmade iPhone. Heh. Anyway, I’ve been covering and sharing with you guys some citrine rings since it’s the birthstone for November. Can you tell where I’m going with this? I bet you can, you seem like a smart one! It’s time to look at handmade citrine rings. As always, I’ll only share rings that I think are actually pretty and worth their price. I’m pretty picky.

handmade citrine rings

Handmade Rings for Women – Citrine Rings

Clockwise from top left

Gold Citrine Ring – TEARDROP SHAPE – Stacking Ring
On Etsy by Oh Kuol, link to purchase
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I love that it can be stacked easily with two other plain gold bands. The pictures on the site are of very high quality.

Citrine ring in Sterling Silver
On Etsy by Scape, link to purchase
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The citrine stone here looks really expensive because it’s so bright. The donwside here is how small it is.

Nena Stacker faceted Citrine Ring in Recycled 14k gold
On Etsy by Michelle Lenae, link to purchase
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I adore that the citrine stone has such a bold impact but there’s always this delicacy to the ring, with how there’s a bezel is pinched around it. And the fact that the stone is set at an angle makes it really interesting to look at. Lucky for you, if citrine isn’t the stone you want, this is available in other gemstones.

Citrine Ring – Vermeil Gold – Round Shape
On Etsy by Oh Kuol, link to purchase
A great Autumnal ring.

Citrine ring from Sterling silver combined yellow gold
On Etsy by Artisan Look Oded & Ilan, link to purchase
The dotted look reminds me of Bali Rings. Metals are mixed and oxidized to create this unique ring.
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