Top 5 Pieces of Yasmin & Jazmin Jewelry

Yasmin & Jazmin rings use a lot of sterling silver paired with either blue topaz, citrine or black onyx. The diamonds are also very present, of course! (How could I forget to mention diamonds, of all things? Where is my mind? Oh, it’s on my two racing cats that seem to be in some sort of unofficial race and/or derby. Sigh.)

You can custom choose what stone you’d like in these three types of ring styles, as well as picking your ring size (5-8.) While some of these could pass for unisex rings, I do believe that these picks are geared towards women.

These are all from These are from the Stolen Moments collection. That’s a nice name, isn’t it? Makes me think of getting some hot chocolate to drink in a bubble bath because that is the height of luxury, especially if you have heated towels. (Now isn’t that a nice idea… See ya guys!)

Designer Spotlight : Yasmin & Jazmin Jewelry

Clockwise from top right

Blue Topaz Square Ring
Sterling silver ring with 18K gold and diamonds.
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Black Onyx Circle Ring

White Topaz Square Ring
Sterling silver square

Diamond Drop Earrings
These remind me a lot of the earring The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards wears in some of her interviews. The show Raising Hope (which is such a good show, watch it!) made a point of mocking how those women always have the hugest, fanciest earrings on. They really do. These are a toned down version of what they wear.

Tethered Ring
Sterling silver ring with black onyx and pave diamonds.
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P.S. I’m in love with this Yasmin & Jazmin necklace: (but am not sure where it is available to purchase)

Visit the website: Yasmin & Jazmin


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