Open Heart Diamond Promise Ring

Let’s pretend you’re a clueless schmo who wants to get their significant other a promise ring. What you’re promising is just as important as the promise ring – or didn’t you realize that? Well, I’m here to tell you that no one wants to wear an ugly ring. It’s just not something people wanna do. So you’ve come here, so that I can instruct you as to what a nice promise ring might be. Which is good. You’re on the right path. So let’s continue.

I suggest the Open Heart Diamond Promise Ring because it conveys all of the cutsey love you want, without being hideously tacky.

Just remember, a diamond is forever – so make sure your promise is, too.

Heart promise ring set with .04 carats of fine round brilliant cut diamonds in 14 kt. gold. Available as special order ( 7-10 day production) in 10kt and 18kt yellow gold.

The ring is $365.00 at

Open Heart Diamond Promise Ring.jpg

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