Majestic Pink Diamond – Worth $7.8 Million but FREE to stare at and put on Pinterest!

I’m such a sucker for the color PINK. I mean, who can reject such a happy, pretty hue?! Certainly not me, and hopefully not you.

Pink diamonds are pretty, and we all know that JLO once famously had a pink engagement ring when Bennifer was a thing. (Remember that? It’s been so long! I’m so happy that Ben Affleck ended up with Jennifer Garner, though.) Of course, Jennifer Lopez is not the only one to like a rosy gem.

Of course, she’d be a big fan of this particular pink diamond.

Famous for its size and pristine pink color, your own girlier side will indulge in a SQUEE when you see this diamond. This fancy pink diamond is (GET READY) 12.27 carats. It is known as the “Majestic Pink Diamond.” Sounds impressive, yea? WELL, IT IS.

Ooooh. Pretty. Hi. Please come live on my finger?

The cushion-cut diamond is mounted on an 18k rose gold and platinum ring. The asking price is $7.85 million. Chump change, you know?!

It is highly prized, as a VVS1, Type IIa designation.

If you love pink diamond rings but can’t afford this galactic price tag, try looking at some of the more affordable pink diamond rings we’ve selected. Or, just stare at the prettiness!

You gotta tell me – Are you PRO or CON pink diamond rings? Do you prefer a pure clear diamond, or are you into the tinted colors? Would you let your engagement ring be a tinted diamond? (I feel I’m a bit too traditional for that…)

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