Knot Rings for Women: 5 Variations on Theme

There are a lot of knot rings for women that all look relatively the same. And that’s boring. You can’t just twist some wire around and charge people for something that looks uninspired and limp. (But they certainly have people selling that type of thing on Etsy.) I took to the task of finding five different knot rings, where none of them were too similar. Think I did it? Well, I did! I was victorious indeed.

I found them in different metals, with snake-y intentions, with diamonds, with pearls, with different textures…etc. They’re out there if you’re willing to look. A knot is a great symbol for love and all that.

But knots are also dangerous. When you have a knot in something like a necklace, it’s sometimes impossible to ever sort it out (sigh, it’s happened to me.) Things can get twisted too much where you can’t find the start of a problem or of a thought, because it’s woven itself through too many spaces. So a knot, to me, also represents that there need to be moments of reflection where you pause and think and breathe – truly breathe. See, knots may be pretty, but they’re a bitch to undo. So make sure you don’t get into trouble.

For a reminder of keeping out of trouble, keep the knots on your fingers and out of your head.

Knot Rings for Women

Clockwise from top right

Apostrophe Women’s Faux-Pearl Knot Ring
Sale Price: $8.40
From Sears, HERE

Forget Me Knot Ring Gold Vermeil
Handmade on Etsy by WhiteFly, HERE

Ann King Sterling Luna Love Knot Ring

Snake Knot Ring
From Nordstrom, HERE

1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Knot Ring in Sterling Silver
Sale Price: $86.70
From Zales, HERE

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