Five Fun Friendship Rings that Fit Together

Whether you’re as similar to your best friend as two roses in a vase, or you fancy yourself more of a lily – we know you cherish your friendship. That’s something we’re sure that you both have in common, in fact. To commemorate great friendships, girl friends have often used friendship jewelry. We have five friendship rings that fit together as well as you and your bestie do.

friendship rings for women

Birds and angels both need what? That’s right, they need two wings to fly. These wing friendship rings make up a pair. They are handmade of fine silver that’s been oxidized and are sold from the Etsy HappyGoLicky store. Click Here

For a simple pair of friendship interlocking rings that can be worn at all times, check out the Sterling Silver Marcasite 2-Tone Set of 2 Stackable Rings from Amazon. Click Here

rings that fit together

These rings that fit together will accommodate more than just two friends. Split up the six stacking rings with you and your best friends. Each can take one, or maybe half the stack! What’s great is that you can constantly swap rings with your friends since they all match. These sterling silver rings are from Red Envelope. Click Here

Do you and your friend want rings that fit together? How about thematically? What could be better than these peanut butter and jelly best friend rings? They’re fun and not traditional, maybe that’s how your friendship would be defined? These are handmade rings from the Etsy shop Scrumptious Doodle. Click Here

Last but not least is an option for friendship rings for 3. This is the Sterling Silver Diamond Stackable Ring Set which has three individual rings. Featured are round white diamonds, round black diamonds and round champagne diamonds. Good luck deciding which of you is the “black swan” in the friendship! These are from Amazon. Click Here.


Learn about this friendship ring that fits together by clicking the link.

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