Five Fabulous V-Shaped Rings

V-shaped rings are very cool, and they can become stackable rings in an instant. Whether you want a diamond v shaped ring, or one with a gemstone (like an emerald or citrine) or you’d like a pretty heart ring in a v shape – I’ve got you covered. Many times diamond engagement rings and wedding bands will be sold as duos, with v-shaped settings. Check out this v-shaped wedding band set on Flickr. I’m not sure if I love the wedding band there, but you get the idea.They’re new and different than how most wedding bands are.

v shaped wedding rings

v shaped rings

14K Yellow Gold Diamond V-Shape Ring

14K White Gold Diamond V-Shape Ring

14k V Shape Cutout Heart Ring

Citrine V-Shape Ring from

Emerald Marquise and Diamond V-Shaped Ring. 10k Yellow Gold

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