Dabakarov Rings – Pick your Red Carpet option, and fantasy date.

Dabakarov Designer Jewelry prides itself on paying attention to details and finish.  As a detail-oriented gal, I respect this a lot. I especially love what they’ve done with their brilliant cocktail rings and swirled “stack effect” diamond rings. Yes, diamonds make me giddy.

They have two generations behind their company, and have immersed family with their business.

“With our name and reputation on the line, you can believe we’re going to stand behind everything we make, everything we say and everything we do. Frankly, it’s the way we’ve always worked. And it’s the way we always will.”

Visit Dabakarov.com for more info. Below, see my favorite Dabakarov rings.

dabakarov rings

You gotta tell me – If you were going to the Oscars, which Dabakarov ring shown above would you wear? I would go for the purple/rose gold one in the last picture because it’s big and it’d show up in pictures! My fantasy date? Ryan Gosling would be hard to say “no” to…

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