5 Arik Kastan Rings You’ll go Wild For

Subtle elegance is what you get with an Arik Kastan ring. Even if it’s a large cocktail ring, it’s never shouting at you. And that’s nice, as I don’t much like for jewelry to yell at me.

Elements in Arik Kastan rings are rubies, sapphires, turquoise, moonstone, garnets, diamonds and a lot of rose and yellow golds. There is a lot of oval and round shapes which often repeat themselves on a single ring. Smaller stones lend embellishment to larger ones, but sometimes an entire ring is comprised of smaller gems that are set close together for a large effect. Take a look for yourself, below!

Arik Kastan Rings

Oval Ring with Rubies 14k gold, HERE

Arik Kastan Ring Large Cocktail Ring, Oval Labradorite with Sapphires, HERE

14K Rose Gold Rough Diamond Ring, HERE

14K Rose Gold Garnet Ring with Garnet Accents, HERE

Moonstone and Turquoise Ring 14K Rose Gold HERE

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