5 Digby and Iona Rings You Gotta See! (Designer Spotlight)

Looking for rings that stand out with elegance and a twist or originality? Then take a look at these Digby and Iona rings.

We start off with an oldie-but-a-goodie, the tree stump ring. When it comes to being unusual, this ring wins. Don’t you love the idea of retro lovers carving initials into wood being taken to new heights? Well, I do. And I never liked the idea of carving into tree bark because 1.) That meant you had to have a knife, which worries me about what kind of lover you’ve taken! an 2.) Carving into bark is hurting the tree! I know, I’m a bit of an anxious bleeding heart, but that’s my deal. And now we can forget about all of those worries with this Tree Stump ring, since the initials here are caved into sterling silver (or brass.)

As we move on, I’ve picked rings that at first glance look more traditional, but still are kind of hip fashion pieces in my eyes. They use great faceted gems in unusual colors – like the light yellow and the light sapphire. (And the watermelon tourmaline is just amazing, seriously.) But what steps these up even more is the way the metal has been carved in the way you’d expect wood to be widdled. It gives it a very handmade, tribal feeling that the diy sense in me really responds to.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at these rings and see what you think for yourself! And if you DO (you will, you totally will) end up loving these, then you must admit that I have killer taste and you should totally subscribe to RingOBlog.com so I can keep sharing great jewelry pieces with you.

Unique Rings for Women:

Stump Ring in Sterling Silver (LINK)

Kira Ring – Light yellow diamond (LINK)

sapphire rings

Westley Ring – Light Blue Sapphire (LINK)

Ambro Ring – 1.94ct rose cut watermelon tourmaline (LINK)

You gotta tell me – which of these is your favorite ring?

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