Designer Spotlight : Popular Jacquie Aiche Rings

I absolutely adore geode jewelry. We haven’t yet featured too many geode rings on RingOBlog but there was the Jacquie Aiche Double Prong Geode Ring! Jacquie Aiche actually does a lot of fantastic geode jewelry pieces. I’m especially drawn to her gorgeous geode rings. They’re all super sparkly and made of materials like amethyst and agate. You can buy Jacque Aiche jewelry at ShopBop.

What is a geode? Why do geodes look so cool? They hollow out and fill with crystals, making these beautiful shapes. The crystals are like the cavities you’d get in your teeth, but obviously much more pretty!

Jacquie comes from a family where her mother is Native-American and her father is Egyptian, so she likes to rework ancient cultural designs. She definitely knows how important jewelry can be. She says, “Jewelry can be very powerful. When a woman wears a unique piece of jewelry, it can have a profound effect on the way she feels and the way people perceive her. I design jewelry to bring out aspects of a woman’s personality. Perhaps make her feel and appear more mysterious or more exotic or mischievous or more luminescent.”

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