Designer Spotlight: 5 Best Anna Sheffield Rings

Anna Sheffield is a New York-based jewelry designer. Sheffield was born in New Mexico and has traveled extensively, including to Saudi Arabia and California. Her jewelry displays a lot of fine heirloom quality. She is a CFDA nominee, and considered a trendsetter. Because of this she has gained notice and worked with other designers like Philip Lim and Marc Jacobs.

Right now, she is very popular for her rings, especially her two finger rings.

Anna Sheffield Rings

  1. Eleonore Cocktail Ring made with 14k rose gold, clear quartz and diamond. The diamonds are on the ring band and on the prongs that hold the quartz in place. CLICK
  2. Chasse Pavé Pinky Ring set west-east style, with a blue topaz. Can be made with other gemstones. Created with sterling silver and diamonds. Great if you love pinky rings. CLICK
  3. Eleanore Ring made with 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, diamond, CLICK
  4. Evol Ring made with blue topaz and sterling silver, CLICK Great as a birthstone ring.
  5. Pave Two Finger Ring made with 14k yellow gold and diamonds, CLICK. Many other two finger rings are offered. Including one for men.

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