Jewelry Blog Designer Spotlight: Shamila Fine Jewelry boasts BOLD cocktail rings

Grab everyone’s attention with a signature chunky cocktail ring on your finger. And a great place to get one? Why, why not Shamila Jewelry? The pieces are playful in color but elegant in design.

Designer Shamila Jiwa says her jewelry line is “a whimsical yet elegant melange of fine worldly components.” We have to agree!

Here are a few of our favorite Shamila jewelry pieces:

We’ll begin with some pieces from the “Lokum Lale Luxe” collection, which pays tribute to Istanbul. Lokum means “Turkish Delight” and a lale is a tulip design. Those are two luxurious symbols. In this collection you’ll find the ancient meeting the modern with lale motifs, carved settings, chocolate diamonds and many colorful gemstones. The website says it is a, “petite canvas of modern artistry and exquisite workmanship imbued with lore and narrative.” We love the Harem Stacking Ring Cluster, which features checkerboard facet and cushion cut gems such as citrine and blue topaz. You will be able to stack these rings easily to create your very own custom stacking cluster. (There is a waitlist if you order GOLD from the Shamila site, but Max and Chloe has the Shamila Fine Jewelry Harem Stacking Ring in Blue Topaz, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst.)

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We’re also enamored with the Cosmic Cocktail Stacking Rings. They have a great dimension to them with honeycomb and rose cut facets. Check out Max and Chloe for this ring done in Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Green Onyx, Crystal Quartz, and Peruvian Chalcedony.

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There are plenty other goodies to check out, of course! Here’s even more Shamila Fine Jewelry pieces that are for sale:

For more information or to purchase, visit or Max and Chloe!

You gotta tell me – are you feeling weirdly inspired about how you now MUST own a big  stacking cocktail ring? I am!

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