Miriam Salat Jewelry: Six Ring Pieces to Covet

Let’s put the spotlight on Miriam Salat jewelry! Miriam Salat sold her first jewelry collection to Barney’s in 1993. Then in 2010 she launched her “namesake collection” and now celebrities love and wear it often. (She is also a co-designer of Bochic, which is another designer name I love and have covered.) Like Bochic jewelry, these are all bold pieces. But Miriam Salat jewelry has a more playful presence to it, and more colors.

Celebrities seen wearing Miriam Salat jewelry include Sofia Vergara on Modern Family, Jennifer Hudson, Camila Alves and Jessica Lowndes of 90210 fame.

I love how the rings can all look so different, but are made with the same core elements. They’re often in dome shapes, and always statement cocktail rings.

My favorite Miriam Salat Ring of the bunch is probably the ivory rose ring, because it’s so simple and versatile.

Miriam Salat Rings:

Pink Bubble Ring in dome shape: Made of resin, 18k gold vermeil, cubic zirconia

Starstudded Ring: resin, 18k gold vermeil, cz

Lilac Medallion Ring: Resin, cz, and sterling silver

Amethyst silver evil eye ring: resin, sterling silver, white cz

Ivory diamond with sterling silver, resin, cz (Featured on Modern Family)

Ivory Rose Ring with cz and sterling silver

All from Miriam Salat

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