Five Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Rings

Today I decided we should focus on cocktail rings, but not just any kind of cocktail ring, oh no. Crystal cocktail rings. And not any ol’ type of crystal – Swarovski Crystal! I’ve found five rings that range in type from being handmade crystal rings, to rings under 50 dollars. I love crystal rings because they look great, hardly ever look cheap if you’ve got a smart eye (I do, stick with me!) and they’re less expensive than diamond rings. My favorite pick would be the red cocktail ring, second one down. It’s gorgeous. Sigh. (Happy sigh!)

Handmade Swarovski Rings don’t get prettier than with this Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Ring that is under 50 dollars. File this under cocktail¬† rings under 50! It’s made with sterling silver and clear swarovski crystals. I love the shine and luster. Details.

LADY IN RED! Va-va-voom. This is a very RED, genuine Swarovski crystal ring that reminds me of what the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland would wear if she were shopping around for accessories and rings. It’s bold, it’s red, and it’s shiny. Love it. Details.

This large flower cocktail ring features a rose with clear crystals that line it, and one in the center. It looks like dew. It’s made with brass and rhodium. “What an eyeful for this black rose fashion jewelry. This sparkling premium Austrian crystal cocktail ring is covered with clear crystallized Swarovski elements sitting atop of a rhodium plated band.” This goes under rings under 100. Fantastic! Details

If you like pink, you’ll love the Pink Four Leaf Clover Shamrock Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Ring. Details.

The Chelsea Taylor Sterling Graduated Crystal Ring is highly rated by customers of QVC. It’s nicely suited as one of our finds for rings under 100. “Equal parts sassy and classy, this Chelsea Taylor ring adds a bright, bubbly pop of color–ideal for any occasion!” Details.

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