Five Gorgeous Swarovski Rings on Sale

Some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve seen on Gossip Girl has been Swarovski. Having just finished watching an episode of The CW show, I feel inspired to do a post about Swarovski rings on sale, since tasteful but affordable is the best recipe there is for stylish jewelry pieces.

The Maeva Ring has a cool name, and will look even cooler with even the most simple of wardrobe collections. It ups the ante, to to speak.

When it comes to a chunky ring, sometimes you want it to be a solid metal, but sometimes you want some shine. That’s why the Pave Cube Ring is so great. It’ll add big impact to any outfit.

Optical illusions are cool, and I do believe the “Skinny” Wave ring by Jessica Elliot might even make your fingers appear slimmer.

Bold cocktail rings in floral shapes will never go out of style, which is why the Pave Petal Ring is a great deal.

I’m not always a fan of two finger rings, but the Erica Anenberg ring I’ve selected I know that I would actually wear. The pink colored crystals make it sweet, and not so tough and intimidating.

Five Swarovski Rings On Sale

Swarovski Crystal Maeva Ring
Price: On Sale $123.72

Ariella Collection Pave Cube Ring
Price: On Sale $43.90
From: Nordstrom, HERE

Jessica Elliot Skinny “Wave” Candy Rings
Price: On Sale $28.80
From: Zappos, HERE

Ariella Collection Pave Petal Ring
Price: On Sale $33.90
From: Nordstrom, HERE

Erica Anenberg – Pewter Double Finger Ring Gold
Price: On Sale $101.00
From: Couture Candy, HERE

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