Ceek Jewelry: Five Pieces with Boho Beauty

Ceek Jewelry is new to me, but instantly I found three Ceek Rings and two Ceek necklaces that I wanted to wear. They are fiercely boho but also have traditional styles based upon antique art deco elements. They’ve been featured in InStyle and Lucky Magazine – so plenty of stylish people are taking notice. (Including me, and now you!) “Ceek” is pronounced like “seek” which is easy to remember.

The two friends who made this bold-yet-dainty line of jewelry are Carter Ellingson and Esther Kim. From organic slabs of turquoise to art deco necklaces with crystals – you’re sure to find a piece that speaks to you. Ceek and you shall find! Har har!

You can find all of these rings and jewelry pieces at ShopCeek.com.

Ceek Jewelry Pieces

organic turquoise rings

I don’t often see all natural organic turquoise rings that are so stylish. This has a slab of the stuff, set in 24k gold.

Here’s a natural amethyst ring, clustered with 24k gold. This is perfect as a boho accessory.

From the earth is this beautiful natural citrine cluster ring.

Okay, you have to admit the inspiration for this crystal leaf pendant is original – it’s based on an antique shoe clip. I love the black version, but the blue version with those crystals is even cooler.

I have never wanted an art deco necklace more than I want this one! It’s called the “Triple Art Deco Bib Necklace.” Ceek Jewelry knows what it’s doing!

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