Five Gorgeous Coral Rings for Women

Coral may be from under the sea, but it’s generally extremely durable. The red and orange colors associated with coral reminds me of the last few days of summer that fade into fall.

You can find coral either hard and matte or polished and shiny. Below you’ll see examples of both. The vibrant color that coral provides makes any piece of jewelry automatically a little bit more fun than it would otherwise have been. (And I think that it pairs especially well with yellow gold.)

So, look into some lively oral rings. You won’t regret it.

Coral Rings for Women

Silver Genuine Sponge Coral Ring
Sale Rings: $79.99
From JCPenney, HERE

House of Harlow 1960 Tribal Cabochon Ring in Coral
From Boutique it to You, HERE

Trina Turk Resin Ball Ring in Coral
From, HERE

Clara Kasavina Fiona Red Coral Cabochon Ring
From, HERE

Rachel Leigh “Kruger” Coral Rock Adjustable Ring
From, HERE

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