Queen Victoria’s Jewelry: Victorian Mourning Rings

When Albert died in 1861, Queen Victoria took to all black jewelry during her mourning phase. Mourning jewelry was popular already – such as rings with human hair inside of them, or initials.  But now they became even more popular.

Victoria’s mourning jewelry included jet rings aka black amber rings. Jet was a popular item found in mourning rings because it is black. Jet is fossilized coal or driftwood, and it it found in Whitby, England. It looks like black glass.

Mourning rings were a popular sort of Victorian ring. They kept the memory of the deceased alive, and aside from black jewelry or bog oak jewelry, they were allowed. They were not always totally black, but usually were mostly black with little other adornments. Sometimes they were engraved with names.

Victorian Mourning Rings:

Victorian Mourning Ring: Antique Victorian 14k gold ruby mourning ring

Mourning Ring: Victorian Gold Mourning Ring For A Friend

Victorian Mourning Ring for sale: Victorian English 18K Gold Enamel Hair Mourning Ring

Mourning Ring: Victorian Enamel, Hair & Seed Pearl Mourning RIng, 15 ct Gold

Mourning Ring for sale: Lovely Victorian 18K Gold Pearl Diamond Enamel Mourning Ring

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